Goals and Business Activities

The companyís workers stand behind the quality of the services they provide. They have been trained by Kuwait and foreign manufacturers and authorized distributors of security, control and information technologies. The company has sufficient numbers of employees of all professions, many of whom have received certification from the National Security Authority. The company continually fosters their ongoing technical and professional growth.

The high quality of the services offered is ensured in particular by the full commercial and technical support the company provides to its clients, Additionally, UEI only works with renowned Kuwait and foreign makers of technology and products.

UEI focuses a significant part of its activities on developing, manufacturing and distributing its own narrowly specialized security and control technologies. These technologies are continually innovated, so that they are up to date with current security and information trends, while emphasizing customersí individual requirements. The progressive growth of volume of production and exports of the companyís own technologies also bears witness to their quality and reliability.

Goals and Business Activities

All technical solution are adapted to meet customersí specific requests. The priorities of those solutions are security, professionalism, reliability and utilization of modern technology.

Designing, advising and consulting

Solution designs, security studies or project implementation plans are always based on close cooperation between the client and the appropriate employees of the company. The customerís entry requirement are compared with pour own expert analysis. The results become the foundation upon which the entire concept of the final design is based, as adapted to the clientís resources and needs. Besides the implementation of concrete technical solutions, UEI also provides advisory and consulting services.

Managing implementation of orders, assembly work

Extensive, complex projects for delivery and assembly of security, control and information systems require high-quality Managements processes. As with all other internal company activities, organizational procedures for managing projects to Implement orders, including software applications, are included in quality management system directives.

Technical support and service

Services in the areas of administration, maintenance, repairs and inspection, including 24/7 technical support, are secured by Services dispatching and by full-time services staff.

Technological Focus of the Company

  • Integrated monitoring and control systems
  • Intrusion alarm system
  • Fire alarm systems
  • Closed circuit TV systems
  • Access control and attendance systems
  • Perimeter (enclosure) protection systems
  • Anti-Theft Alarm
  • Internal communication systems in buildings, cabling
  • Barriers, Bollards and fence systems
  • Monitoring and protection system for guards and persons in high risk areas
  • Closed circuit TV systems
  • Access control and attendance systems
  • Perimeter (enclosure) protection systems